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The oil & gas industry is massive and complex in nature. Most oil & gas company structures are segmented and structured according to business activities, assets, and functions. The upstream is one of the major segments of every organization involved in oil & gas exploration. It is also known as the exploration and production sector as it encompasses all activities involved in searching for, discovering, and exploiting oil wells. The upstream sector is all about oil wells: where to locate them (Geology, Geophysics), how far and how deep to drill them (Drilling engineering), how to design, construct (3D modeling) operate and manage them to deliver the highest possible return on investment with the safest, lightest, smallest operational footprint. Understanding the concept of upstream and exploration is essential for all companies involved in the oil & gas business. To this end, we have tailored our upstream training course to be suitable for anyone pursuing a career in oil & gas exploration and production, should they be managers, team leaders, engineers, technicians, planners, designers or supervisors, they will certainly find the content of our course helpful and useful. The upstream training course will include studies in Drilling Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, general petroleum course, local petroleum course, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, and production engineering. All our courses are properly structured by proven pedagogical methods to ensure the development of knowledge, attitudes, characters, and know-how that form the base for professional competences. The course will provide participants with an integrated overview of all upstream activities, exploration, and field development. They will also be taught terminologies and business jargon used in the field. During the course, participants will be made to analyze geographical, geological, and engineering data and use it to make their own time-critical decisions. This will act as simulations of real-life situations where each decision will affect the company We have arranged this petroleum training course to develop the knowledge and skills required by the participants to better understand the upstream production for oil & gas.
Who is this course for?
Anybody who is interested in taking a petroleum training course will require upstream training, so this training is for any and everybody looking to enroll for a petroleum training course. Participants of this upstream training course will receive adequate tutoring on the subjects mentioned above, being covered by the seminar outline. The classes will be taken by qualified tutors using a variety of adulating teaching and facilitation techniques. The classes will be highly interactive and will allow for student participation to further enhance understanding of the subject. We invite you to be a partake of our upstream training course today!

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