Message from Chairman

Since it was founded in 2002 as a consulting and training firm based in Abu Dhabi, ResModTec has witnessed a number of iconic milestones in its young history.

  • Training more than 17,000 Geoscientists, Engineers, Operators, Technicians and Non-Technical staff from all phases of the Petroleum industry,
  • Winning the Middle East leading technology transfer award for 2007 and 2008 from the Who’s Who International Professional Society,
  • Launching five branches in Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Houston, Algeria, Malaysia and Iraq.
  • Receiving the world’s most important business award that is presented by the World Confederation of Businesses (the BIZZ 2014) and awarded the prize of professional achievement from the Ultimate Profession Directory of the International Who’s Who of professional in 2007 and 2009.
  • Increasing the great show of loyalty from our customers during the last 17 years.
  • Our training courses/workshops have been accredited by the strongest accreditation body in the globe; American National Standard Institute (ANSI) (2017-Aug 2022).
  • ResModTec received the three ISO certificates in Management, Quality assurance and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Overall, the story of ResModTec has been remarkable and demonstrates that our company is a training provider to be relied on. At every stage of our short history we have surprised both international and national companies operating in the Middle East, North Africa, Far East regions and Europe with the scale of our ambition – and at every stage we have delivered on that ambition. As such, ResModTec has become a leader in technology transfer in the world.

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of sending participants to our courses/workshops/hands-on training which have been designed to meet the development needs of their employees and to build and then develop the skills and expertise in all areas of the petroleum industry.

On behalf of ResModTec, I would like to thank all of you for giving us this opportunity to help you to improve the technical skills of your staff. We are looking forward to working with you as trusted advisors in helping you meet your business need to leverage your available man power through training, mentoring, coaching and consulting.

Dr. Mohamed Salah Abou Sayed-CEO