Rock Mechanics Theory and Application


Reservoir Geoscientists and engineers, drilling and completion engineers who are interested to know the role of rock mechanics in the E&P phases.


This course is designed to provide the basic concepts of applying rock mechanics to perform laboratory demonstrations, hands-on exercises, computer modeling demonstrations that demonstrate geomechanical concepts. Applied rock mechanics is designed to familiarize engineers and geoscientists with the necessary tools for immediate field application.


  • Basics of geomechanics
  • Rock behaviour and mechanical properties
  • Stress and Strain
  • Geomechanics and structural geology
  • Rock mechanics lab techniques
  • Borehole Stability (definitions & models)
  • Sand Control
  • Fractural mechanics
  • Reservoir engineering applications
  • Prediction tools (logs, seismic)
  • Data integration
  • Case Studies