Advanced Geosteering

Candidates:   Senior wellsite and operations geoscientists, development and exploration geoscientists, drilling engineers, directional drilling and MWD personnel.
Summary:   This advanced course aims to develop the understanding of the geosteering technique and related issues. It covers the principals of geosteering and then takes the participants through a series of lectures with hands on geosteering exercises. Attending Wellsite Geology and Geosteering training course or having at least 3 years experience in operation geology is requested.
Course Contents:
  • Geosteering definitions
  • Geosteering: Pre-planning (Know the target reservoir. Optimum planning, uncertainty planning, contingency planning, preplanning document)
  • Geosteering resources (drilling parameters, drill cuttings, LWD tools and geophysical tools)
  • Geosteering methods (follow the plan, visual MWD interpretation, geophysical steering,  measured depth modeling, true stratigraphic position modeling)
  • Active geosteering (four keys to successfully steer a horizontal well, geosteering pitfalls and limitations, the geosteering team, target stages, communication of target changes)
  • Geosteering simulation (geosteering team interaction, geosteering simulation in carbonate and clastic reservoirs)