Practical Well Test Analysis


Engineers, geologists, geophysicists, field personnel, and management who have limited knowledge and experience with pressure transient testing.No prerequisites are required.


The objective of this course is to learn the basic principles of pressure transient testing. Upon completion of the course the attendee will be able to identify what reservoir and well properties can be obtained from pressure transient testing, how to use the results from pressure transient testing in well/reservoir management, and be able to design and analyze basic well tests.


  • What can be obtained from pressure transient testing and what are the reasons from conducting a pressure transient test?
  • Basic theory
  • Wellbore storage effects
  • Drawdown/Build up tests
  • Gas well testing
  • Drill stem testing
  • Interference tests
  • Basic analysis steps for drawdown/build up tests, what to look for, pitfalls, and non uniqueness
  • Designing pressure transient tests
  • Discuss attendee supplied data sets