Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis


Engineers, geologists, economists, accountants, technicians as well as managers and supervisors who need to learn and/or develop their understanding on how to conduct economic evaluation to help them in investment decision making.


This workshop provides practical guidance in the application of the techniques of the economic analysis currently used in the oil & gas industry. It covers the techniques which assist in making investment decisions. It also covers in detail the cash flow analysis, economic indicators, risk and uncertainty. The workshop will include a number of exercises aimed at enhancing each participant capability to conduct various economic evaluations. Each participant will attempt to develop spreadsheet calculations of various economic analyses.


  • Cash Flow
  • Depreciation, Sunk Costs and Escalation
  • Project Financing
  • Economic Indicators
  • Discount Factors and IRR
  • Interest and Inflation
  • Payback and EPSA
  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Categories of Risk
  • Probability & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Reserve Distribution
  • Mont Carlo Simulation