Water flooding


Reservoir Engineers, Geologist, and Petrophysicist.


Water flooding has long been proven as the simplest and the lowest cost approach to maintaining production and increasing oil recovery from an oil reservoir. However, these benefits may fall short of expectations unless the time-tested concepts and practices are clearly understood and judiciously implemented.


  • Reasons for water flooding and history
  • Water flood data, acquisition, analysis, management, laboratory and field data
  • Integrated Geosciences and Engineering reservoir model
  • Reservoir engineering aspects of water flooding – immiscible displacement theory, heterogeneity, flood pattern, recovery efficiency
  • Factors influencing water flood recovery- timing, layer permeability, vibration, critical gas saturation, oil gravity
  • Design of water flood, geological, engineering and operational aspects.
  • Water flood production performance and reservoir forecast, volumetric, empirical decline, curve and reservoir simulation
  • Water flood surveillance techniques – Key factors, water quality and monitoring
  • Field operation – water system, compatibility and treatment, methods of increasing injectivity
  • Water flood project optimization and economic evaluation