Seismic Interpretation


Geologists and geophysicists who are participating in exploration activities, seismic processors, exploration and data processing and acquisition managers.


This course is designed to develop and improve the idea about the seismic tool and its use to explore for oil and gas. The course aims to improve the skills needed to detect stratigraphic and structural features using the seismic data.


  • Seismic resolution
  • Wavelets & migration
  • 3D seismic, survey design workshop
  • Inversion & seismic attributes
  • Structural & stratigraphic interpretation of 3D seismic data
  • Interactive, 3D interpretation
  • Vertical seismic profiles
  • Sonic wave form logging
  • Cross-well tomography
  • Seismic display, color, zero phases
  • Hydrocarbon indicators
  • AVO & Shear waves
  • Tuning, thin beds
  • Saturation, porosity, pore shape, fractures, anisotropy
  • Seismic workshop