Applied Structural Geology


Geologists and geophysicists as well as exploration supervisors and managers who wish to improve their ability to recognize and interpret different structural styles.


This course covers the basics of the structural geology and gives and overview of the different tectonic regimes and how to recognize the structural style(s) of a region from surface outcrop, seismic, logs, cores, map and cross sectional expression. Several sessions discussing worldwide structural examples of their tectonic evolution and influence on petroleum generation, migration and accumulation will be presented.


  • Rock properties and rock mechanics
  • Stress and strain regimes
  • Structural concepts terminology
  • Basin classifications and analysis
  • Tectonic styles and associated structures
  • Extensional, compressional and wrench tectonics
  • Exploration problems for each style
  • Mechanics of faults and folds
  • Fractures origin and analysis
  • Salt flowage
  • Worldwide structural examples