Gulf Reservoir Modelling Technology ResModTec

Gulf Reservoir Modelling Technology (ResModTec), launched in 2002, is an international, full service upstream and downstream petroleum consulting , training and recruitment firm, based in Abu Dhabi with five branches / training centers in Istanbul, Erbil, Basra, London and Kuala Lumpur.

What We Offer
  • World Class Accredited and Certified Training
  • Geological Field trips
  • Competency Assessment for your staff
  • Consulting
  • Recruitment

Since it was founded, we have conducted more than 61 major and minor consulting projects for 21 companies operating in the Middle East, North and West Africa, Far East, Europe and North and South America.

Our magic element in performing any consulting project is the integration of different sets of data with skillful, world-class consultants in a safe environment.

In addition we have trained more than 17,000 engineers, geoscientists, operators and technicians working for 91 companies. Our philosophy in training is to create a competent national petroleum professional workforce worldwide.


To be the most trusted and valued international training and consulting provider for our clients across the globe and to make training more accessible to all our clients.


Creating a competent national professional workforce worldwide. Help operating companies to overcome technical challenges in developing and managing their oil and gas fields by implementing positive economical optimum solutions.

18 Years of Effective Training & Consulting Solutions

In addition to the consulting and training services, we also lead geological field trips as well as helping operating Oil and Gas companies in the Middle East and North Africa regions for recruiting technical staff.


We offer integrated reservoir and field development solutions using our vast experience in most international oil companies.


Our training and technology transfer solution include a set of integrated workshops, vocational and hands-on training programs as well as a set of short training courses


Our Successful human resources team has been in the staffing industry since February 2003 with the objective of providing quality and excellence recruitment and payroll services.