Basic Petroleum and Drilling Engineering


This course is designed for Geoscientists, Petrophysicists, Engineers (Reservoir, Production, Mechanical, Electrical, IT and Marine), and Junior Petroleum Engineers involved at different phases of the petroleum industry.


This course has been designed to cover the principals of Petroleum and drilling engineering. It provides participants with the origin of hydrocarbons, methods of exploration, drilling techniques, functions and interactions of drilling tools and procedures. It will help them to understand how and why particular drilling solutions are selected. Then it will provide them with the fundamentals of petroleum engineering, including physical properties of reservoir rocks, singe phase fluid flow, fluid saturation, reserve estimation, reservoir behavior. The course will then discuss the production methods, recovery processes and field performance optimization. The course includes some class exercises, discussions, team presentations and interactive challenges.


  • Introduction
  • Field life cycle
  • Reservoir characterization & modeling
  • Drilling techniques
  • Well completion
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Simulation techniques
  • Primary & secondary recovery
  • Enhance oil recovery
  • Production operations and facilities