Carbonate Reservoirs


Exploration and production geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir engineers who are start dealing with carbonate reservoirs and wish to understand their depositional systems and reservoir potential.


The course covers the carbonate depositional systems, from non-marine to deep marine, and the methodology & practice of interpreting the sequence stratigraphy of these systems, as well as, their reservoir characteristics.


  • Carbonates depositional settings
  • Classification and components
  • Identify depositional sequences, sequence boundaries, maximum flooding surfaces, & systems tracts using seismic & well log data
  • Sequence stratigraphic controls over hydrocarbon entrapment & identification of potential stratigraphic traps
  • Carbonate reservoir properties
  • Petrophysical analysis of carbonate reservoirs
  • Reservoir potential of carbonates
  • Fractured Carbonate
  • Case studies (Thamama, Arab, Kuff and Mishrif Reservoirs)