Our Instructors

There are core staff members as well as associates who participate in certain specialties. Our instructors/consultants combine both academic and practical experience. They worked at various universities including the University of Texas at Austin, Arkansas, Missouri, Windsor, Leeds, Imperial College, Newcastle, United Arab Emirates, Cairo and Algerian Institute of Petroleum. Several instructors have published books in their area of expertise and are previous or current editors for the most refereed journals in the world. Most of our consultants have at least one post-graduate degree and a minimum of 17 years of experience with major oil companies and service companies.

Among these companies are: BP, AMOCO, ARCO, Gulf Canada, Repsol, NorskHydro, Unocal, Apache, SONATRACH, Halliburton, Landmark, RC_Squared and Veritas DGC.

Dr. Abou Sayed, Mohamed Salah (CEO)

Dr. Abou Sayed, Mohamed Salah has 33 years experience in the industry with international oil companies (BP and Gulf Canada) and universities (Windsor, Ontario and U.A.E.). He holds a Master and PhD. degrees in basin analysis and reservoir characterization, respectively. During the last 12 years, Dr. Abou Sayed has worked as a technical advisor for Landmark (Austin,TX) , RC_Squared (Denver, CO) and VERITAS (Abu Dhabi) and has been involved in many reservoir characterization & modeling projects at every single country in the Middle East and North African region . He is the founder and president of Gulf Reservoir Modeling Technology. He is the author and/or co-author of 39 papers in the most broadly-accessed and applied bulletins and journals and has reviewed several papers and books for AAPG, SPE and GeoArabia.

Dr. Adams

Roy is a petroleum geologist, sequence stratigrapher, and sedimentologist with a broad professional background that includes exploration, exploitation, consulting, research, and training experience in the petroleum industry; university research and teaching; and state and federal government positions. Roy has worked for Exxon, the Utah Geological Survey, the Energy & Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah, Saudi Aramco, and now runs his own consulting business, A & R Resources LLC. In addition to a Ph.D. in geology, Roy earned a B.S. from the University of California at Riverside (1974) and a M.A. from Rice University (1979), both in geology. He has also been adjunct faculty at the University of Utah and at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Ahr, Wayne

Dr. Ahr, Wayne received his B.S. degree in Geology from the University of Texas-El Paso, his M.S. in Oceanography from Texas A&M University, and his Ph.D. in Geology from Rice University. He is currently a Professor of Geology and Geophysics in Texas A&M University. He has been selected by the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (GCAGS) to receive the 2008 GCAGS Outstanding Educator Award. The award recognizes outstanding contributions in the education and training of geologists through teaching, research, and publications. His research has contributed greatly to further scientific understanding of carbonate stratigraphy, sedimentology, diagenesis, and reservoirs.

Dr. Al-Qayim, Basim

Dr. Al-Qayim, Basim had received his B.Sc. in geology in 1972, and his M.Sc. in petroleum geology in 1976 from the University of Baghdad . He got his Ph.D. in stratigraphy from the University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. in 1983. Currently, he is working as a professor of geology at the Sulaimania University of Iraq. Since 1983 His career is centered around the academic arena where he taught different geological courses at different Middle Eastern universities. Published 50 papers on the geology of Iraq and Yemen . Currently is involved in research projects on carbonate reservoir characterization of some oil fields from north Iraq . Editorial board member of the “ Geology and Mining ” Journal of the geological survey of Iraq.

Dr. Dee, Stephen

Dr. Dee, Stephen completed his Ph.D. at Southampton in 1991 in structural geology and worked on projects involving fault-seal studies, fracture logging from core and image log data sets and fault population analysis. He started his career with the oil industry specializing in the analysis of small scale structures and integration of sub-seismic faults and fractures into the broader scale. Dr. Dee is currently a senior structural geologist with Badleys Geosciences. He taught several courses on the structural geology and the fault seal analysis as well as the hydrocarbon trapping mechanisms. He has been involved in numerous interpretation projects ranging from regional studies to detailed production problems. He has special interests in fault-seal analysis, and in fault and fracture characterizing from core, borehole imagery, seismic and field data

Dr. Freeman

Dr. Freeman, Brett received his PhD in structural geology in 1985 from Nottingham University. He moved to Newcastle University for 5 years, where he taught structural geology and computing courses. In 1988, Dr. Freeman joined Badleys and has been involved in several basin analysis projects at several oil and gas basins in the world. He is currently the Director of Software Development group in Badleys Geosciences. Dr. Freeman has published several papers and presented at international conferences on the structural geology and the fault seal analysis techniques

Dr. Kellogg

Dr. Kellogg, James has 30 years experience in regional tectonics, satellite geodesy, structural modeling, and potential field studies. He is a Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Director of the Andean Geophysical Laboratory, at the University of South Carolina, Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of South American Earth Sciences, and Co-Director of the GEGEO program, a geoscience and engineering training program with Equatorial Guinea. He obtained his M.A. (1978) and Ph.D. (1981) in geology and geophysics at Princeton University. In 1987 he joined the faculty of the University of South Carolina as professor of applied geophysics. He has coordinated regional geophysical basin studies for petroleum exploration using seismic, well, gravity, and magnetic data. He has published over 60 papers and taught short courses in volume balanced structural and seismic interpretation, potential field modeling, 3-Dimensional modeling, and regional tectonics.

Dr. Kendall

Dr. Kendall, Christopher received his BA 1st class (1962) and MA (1965) from trinity College Dublin, Eire and a Ph. D (1966) from Imperial College of London, UK. He is currently a Professor of geological and marine sciences with University of South Carolina. He worked and taught several courses at several universities and search centers, among them; Ohio State University, production research, University of south Carolina, Gulf research in Pittsburgh, university of Sydney in Australia and university of Texas, Austin. His research and teaching focus is on sedimentary stratigraphy and the effects of relative sea level rise and fall on the sediments of marine and coastal settings and its relationship to the occurrence of petroleum.

Dr. Klotz

Dr. Klotz, Rolf is a Professional Geophysicist with 28+ years of experience in oil and gas exploration, working in Australia, USA, SE Asia, UAE, Pakistan, and UK on a large variety of projects. Experienced in land, marine and transition zone seismic data processing and interpretation, attribute analysis, inversion, 2D, 3D, 4D, prestack migration, sub-salt depth imaging, velocity analysis, reflection and refraction statics, signature deconvolution, multiple attenuation, survey design, geo-statistics, structural and stratigraphic geologic interpretations, multi-component, and VSP data. A proven general and R&D manager, technical presenter at geophysical conferences, inventor with several US patents, seismic applications computer programmer, and area geophysicist consulting on challenging data acquisition, processing and interpretation issues. An in depth understanding of complex seismic data processing and velocity measurement issues, exposure to a worldwide assortment of prospects and different plays along with a solid background in sedimentology, lithology, stratigraphy and structural geology often provides unique insights to solve the most challenging technical issues in oil and gas exploration.

Dr. Piet Gerritsma

Dr. Piet Gerritsma graduated in physics at the University of Groningen. He joined Shell in 1969 as a research geophysicist in Rijswijk (The Netherlands) and Houston (USA). He was actively involved in the development of programs for statics, velocity analysis, synthetic seismograms and raytracing, deconvolution, multi-component seismic, shear waves and anisotropy, AVO and migration. He acquired operational experience as processing and special studies geophysicist in Brunei and in Canada. He also served as associate editor of Geophysical Prospecting on Migration, Modelling and Inversion. During his Shell career he has always lectured at both basic as well as advanced level covering a broad range of topics. He left Shell in 1999 and since that time he is a lecturer at Center for Technical Geoscience at the Delft University of Technology.

Dr. Gijs Vermeer

Dr. Gijs Vermeer received a MSc in Applied Mathematics from Delft University of Technology in 1965. He joined Shell in 1967 where he worked in research as well as in operations, first in seismic processing, later in seismic interpretation, and during the last six years in research on 3D seismic data acquisition techniques. He is the author of “Seismic Wavefield Sampling” published in 1990. His main interests are seismic data acquisition and seismic data processing, and their interrelationships.

Dr. Yielding, Graham

Dr. Yielding, Graham undertook his PhD. at the Bullard Labs in Cambridge, working on the active tectonics of the Algerian Atlas Mountains and producing several highly cited papers. He worked for Britoil in 1984 as an exploration geophysicist and moved to Badleys Geosciences in 1988. Currently, he is the technical director of Badley Geoscience Limited and has a special interest in structural interpretation and analysis, seismic interpretation and fault seal analysis. His seismic interpretations and presentation skills are of such elegance that in 1987, he was asked to demonstrate them to the Queen.

Professor Aadnoy, Bernt

Professor Aadnoy, Bernt is a professor of drilling engineering at Stavanger University in Norway. He holds BSc. and MSc. degree in mechanical control and petroleum engineering from University of Wyoming Norway and the University of Texas, and the PhD. Degree in Petroleum Rock Mechanics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology. He worked for Phillips Petroleum, Statoil and Saga Petroleum as drilling and completion engineer. He developed the well design manual used by Statoil, Norsk Hydro and Saga Petroleum and has written more than 100 technical papers and several books and holds several patents.

Dr. Ahmed Abou-Sayed

Dr. Ahmed Abou-Sayed He holds advanced engineering degrees from Egypt, France and the U.S.A, has over twenty-nine years of experience within the petroleum industry covering technology development, management, and technical consultancy. His work has been focused within the areas of well integrity, production Geomechanicsand environmental compliance, produced water management and oil field waste disposal.

Dr. Aggour, Mohamed

Dr. Aggour, Mohamed is currently a professor at the Texas A&M in Qatar. He received his PhD. in 1978 from the University of Manitoba in Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Aggour has thirty eight years of diversified experiences in academia, industrial research, petroleum industry, training and consultation, in the fields of production and petroleum engineering. His main interests cover heavy oil recovery, multiphase flow, heat transfer, multiphase flow metering, horizontal well performance, improved oil recovery, sand consolidation, stimulation and applications of artificial neural networks.

Dr. Ajufo, Austin

Dr. Ajufo, Austin graduated with B.S. and M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1981. He has over twenty-five years experience in a variety of engineering and management positions at Amoco Production Company, Core Laboratories, and Petroleum Services, Inc. (PSI). He has extensive experience in petrophysics, formation damage evaluation, core analysis, and flow through porous media from many projects for major oil companies, and has conducted numerous technical workshops on core and special core analysis, reservoir description and formation damage assessment.

Dr. Bisweswar, Ghosh

Dr. Bisweswar, Ghosh received his PhD. Degree in Petroleum Chemistry from University of Nagpur in India. He has 20 years of experience in Oil industry – field development, research, training and consultancy. Currently, he is a research & teaching faculty at the Petroleum Engineering Department in the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi. His expertise is flow assurance, water and gas shutoff, well remediation, development of research laboratories.

Dr. Bratli, Rolf

Dr. Bratli, Rolf received his M.Sc. Engineering Geology from University of Trondheim in Norway. He is currently a Managing Director at Applied Rock Mechanics LLC (ARM). Dr. Bratli has 3 years university teaching, 10 years petroleum related industrial research, 5 years oil industry consulting and 10 years oil company experience within well site geology, rock mechanics applied to: well bore stability, reservoir compaction, perforation optimisation, field stress analysis, development of rock mechanics data base, industrial seminars. He also has more than 50 publications at several referred journals.

Dr. Bahaa Eldin, Hesham

Dr. Bahaa Eldin, Hesham he has Ph.D. from Cairo university in 1998 in reservoir engineering. He has over 28 years practical experience through working in many oil & gas production companies in reservoir engineering & production technology. Dr. Hesham has instructed over 150 courses for major petroleum companies in Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Nigeria, UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Algeria, and Yemen. The courses were covering all the aspects of the applied reservoir engineering such as well test analysis, Waterflooding, EOR and Reservoir simulation.

Dr. Bassiouni, Zaki

Dr. Bassiouni, Zaki is a Professor Emeritus at Louisiana State University. He was a professor and chair of the Craft and Hawkins, Department of Petroleum Engineering from July 1983 to June 2004 and Dean of the College of Engineering from 2004 to 2008. Dr. Bassiouni received a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Cairo University, a diploma in Geophysics from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Petrol, France, and an M.S. (DEA) and PhD. from the University of Lille, France. Dr. Bassiouni is an active member of the SPE and was selected by the society as distinguished lecturer for the 2004-05 and 2008-09 season. He is the author of the SPE Textbook Series Vol. 4. Dr. Bassiouni was also selected as the 2006 recipient of the SPE Award for his outstanding achievements to the advancement in the area of formation evaluation.

Mr. Buntinx, Jos

Mr. Buntinx, Jos has received his B.S. in architecture and civil engineering in 1978 at the University of Hasselt, Belgium. In 1982 he earned his degree in Drilling Engineering at the Institut Français du Pétrôle, Paris, France. He started his career in the drilling industry also in 1982 and worked in the North Sea, North and West Africa and the Middle East. In 1990 he became International Training Manager for Smith International, responsible for technical training of all Smith personnel in the eastern hemisphere. In 1993 he started his own consultancy firm and is involved in auditing, well planning and teaching courses. He is a member of SPE and IADC.

Dr. Langlinais, Julius

Dr. Langlinais, Julius received his PhD. in Physics from Louisiana State University. He is a recently retired Professor from the Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University. His specialty areas are Casing Design, Tubing Design, Artificial Lift, and Nodal Analysis. He also served as the Associate Dean for the College of Engineering for 15 years while maintaining teaching responsibilities in the department. He has taught short courses over the years, for several international companies.

Dr. Mahgoub, Ismail

Dr. Mahgoub, Ismail received his PhD degree in Reservoir Engineering from University of Nancy, France in 1982. Dr. Mahgoub is a Petroleum Engineer with more than 30 years of extensive experience at several oil basins. Since 1983, he has approached the industrial petroleum sector by presenting his reservoir engineering consultancy services at GUPCO, Khalda, WEPCO, Agiba and Kuwait Oil Company. Dr. Mahgoub is the author and/or coauthor of tens of papers in the most referred bulletins and journals and has presented several papers at international conferences.

Dr. La Pointe, Paul

Dr. La Pointe, Paul has nearly 30 years of experience in the geological and engineering analysis of fractured rock and is currently the principal and manager of petroleum services of Golder Associates. Prior to joining Golder in 1992, He worked as a senior engineer and research director for ARCO Oil and Gas in Dallas, Texas. He has been involved in fractured reservoir studies in Columbia, Venezuela, the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Norway, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, China, India, Bahrain and Emirates. He has published more than 90 papers and three books on the characterization of fractured rocks. Dr. La Pointe is a member of AAPG, SPE, AGU, ARMA, ISRM, and has served as associate editor for the International Journal of Rock Mechanics.

Dr. Gupta, Anuj

Dr. Gupta, Anuj received his PhD. Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin. He has served as the chairman of the Continuing Education Committee of SPE and the chairman of the Missouri Oil & Gas Council. He also serves as an editor for the SPE Reservoir Engineering and Evaluation Journal. He has maintained a focused theme of research on the characterization and scaling of reservoir wettability, multiphase fluid distribution and flow. He has been active in publishing, with over sixty publications.

Dr. Macary, Sameh

Dr. Macary, Sameh held a BSc. in Petroleum Engineering from Cairo University in 1981. He was granted a M.Sc. and PhD. in Integrated Reservoir Management and enhancing forecasts from Azerbaijanian Institute Of Oil & Chemistry, Baku in 1985 and 1989, respectively. Dr. Macary has served as a technical consultant for Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO, IPR) and Schlumberger. He has instructed several production, and reservoir engineering courses to various international and national oil companies in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Professor McCain, William

Professor McCain, WIlliam received his MSc and PhD. from Georgia Institute of Technology and BSc from Louisiana State University. He is currently a visiting professor at TEXAS A&M University. He held several positions at; Schlumberger, Holdich-Reservoir Technologies, Esso Research Laboratories & Cawley, Gillespie. Professor McCain taught at several universities, e.g., Georgia Institute of Technology, Louisiana State University and Texas A&M. His interest covers: Reservoir engineering, management and simulation, especially design of water flooding and miscible displacement, Production of volatile oils and gas condensates, Reservoir fluid properties, Reservoir rock properties. He published several books and tens of papers on the art of PVT.

Mr. Murray, Mark

Mr. Murray, Mark earned a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1983. He designed mechanical hardware for patented computerized well testing equipment, and invented, designed, tested, and implemented other key well testing equipment for improved data quality and equipment reliability. He designed and authored ARCO’s internal decline curve application as well as creating a library of reservoir fluid property functions to be used in other in-house applications. Mark provided training and technology transfer to the ARCO operating companies by conducting well testing training seminars. Mr. Murray has well testing experience in most of the oil basins in the world.

Dr. Roger, Steve

Dr. Roger, Steve received his BSc. from the University of Keele with PhD in rock mechanics from Nottingham University in 1991. Steve worked for the British Geological Survey principally involved in various aspects of the UK Radioactive waste disposal program which aimed at finding a safe disposal location in the fractured basement rocks of NW England. During this he was responsible for the interpretation and integration of borehole imaging and core data along with other wire line geophysical measurements. Steve has also been involved in well testing of fractured formations; detailed mapping of fracture outcrops and over the last 3 years has been modeling fractured reservoirs using Discrete Fracture Network modeling and simulation tools for Golder Associates.

Mr. Zeglam, Salem

Mr. Zeglam, Salem has 30 years of practical and industrial experience in the petroleum industry with international and national oil companies (ESSO, ENI, Sirte Libya and national oil corporation). Mr. Zeglam received his BSc. in petroleum engineering from university of Texas in 1973. His main interest cover reservoir management, natural gas production and utilization, corporate planning, project management and follow up, hydrocarbon resources planning, economics and management. He has instructed several courses to various international and national oil companies in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.