Sandstone Reservoirs


Exploration and production geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir engineers who are dealing with siliciclastic reservoirs and wish to understand their depositional systems and its practice within the exploration and production phases.


It provides a hands-on and practical approach to the description & interpretation of siliciclastic depositional systems through the analysis of modern environments, ancient examples, well logs & cores. It will be conducted in a workshop environment within which participants will be introduced to the basic concepts & models of siliciclastic depositional systems.


  • Siliciclastics; classification, depositional settings and components
  • Reservoir quality of siliciclastics reservoirs
  • Fundamentals of sediment transport and deposition
  • Petrographic analysis of siliciclastics reservoirs
  • Facies concepts and depositional systems
  • Well log expression of facies and logfacies recognition and mapping
  • Graphic description and interpretation of cores
  • Petrophysical analysis of clastic reservoirs
  • Clastic reservoirs properties