Introduction Sequence Stratigraphy


EExploration /production geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers.


The key objective of this course is to develop a fundamental understanding of the concepts and methodology of sequence stratigraphy and its application in exploring and developing oil and gas fields.


  • Concepts of sequence stratigraphy
  • Systematic identification of strata terminations
  • Identification of seismic sequences and their component
  • Sequence stratigraphic analysis of Logs and cores
  • Accommodation models for carbonate and siliciclastic strata.
  • Chronostratigraphic charts
  • Integration of depositional systems concepts into seismic sections
  • Construct accommodation models for carbonate/siliciclastic strata.
  • Use the new skills and concepts to recognize and understand sequence stratigraphic controls on reservoir quality and flow units.
  • Several exercises in which students will work with well log, cores and seismic data in a workshop environment to interpret stratigraphy
  • Case studies from the Arabian Gulf, North Sea and North America