Open-Hole Log Analysis


Junior geologists, geophysicists, engineers or anyone interested in understanding principles of open-hole logs and applications.


Logs provide valuable data to identify and characterize the formations crossed by the borehole. The objective of the course is to provide hands on training on the concept and response of logging tools. Participant will develop an appreciation for the limitations and constrains of the borehole environment on the validity of the recorded log data.


  • Introduction to logging techniques
  • Reservoir properties
  • Principles of drilling techniques
  • Resistively of the formation
  • New Resistivity Tools (ARI)
  • Quantitative & qualitative analysis of saturation
  • Porosity logs (Sonic, density and neutron)
  • Gamma Ray log
  • Caliper logs
  • Selection of logging suites
  • Log interpretation
  • Case studies