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Information technology has long been and will continue to be a significant aspect of many businesses. It is essential for driving processes and empowering decisions in business environments. The importance of information technology in the modern oil & gas business is massive and has enabled a considerable change in the general business climate. Not only does it make processes faster and more accessible, but it also helps to eliminate errors. The demand for IT services in the oil & gas sector has increased substantially over the years, especially in the upstream segment. Oil & gas companies are under pressure to achieve higher returns on investment in a sustainable manner. The need to drive higher asset reliability, performance, and productivity while managing growing demands has made a lot of companies result to the use of information technology. The increased level of digitalization, automation, and artificial intelligence are trends being adopted by a lot of companies in the oil & gas industry. As such, there's also an increase in the need for IT skills by professionals working in the industry. For any professional in the field of oil & gas, having certain IT skills is important. To this end, we have developed special IT and HSE training courses for these professionals. Our IT training course is designed to offer you the IT skills you need to carefully manage and analyze your company's operations and strategic decision-making activities. The IT training course is properly structured to enable participants to acquire high proficiency in information technology needed for technical and non-technical areas. The IT training course will allow participants to update their skills and competencies in the field.
Who is this course for, and what areas will it cover?
The course will cover core areas such as Big DataCloud Computing, COBIT, and many more specially designed for team leaders, operations managers, project managers, program managers, supervisors, designers, planners, and analysts. While taking the IT training course, participants will be put through processes, software, and applications that are essential to simplifying processes and improving productivity while reducing errors and wastage in the company.
On completion of the course, participants would have acquired skills and will be able to:
  • Apply the latest trends and techniques in information technology to upstream, downstream, and management activities in the field.
  • Recognize and prevent / correct errors that may have costly effects on operations and productivity
  • Discuss and apply IT solutions to existing processes and activities in the company.
The world is getting enveloped in information technology; don't get left behind!
+ -
  • Big DataCloud Computing
  • SCADA Information Security
  • AgileProject and Program Management

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