Horizontal Well Drilling Technology


Drilling engineers, drilling foremen, rig supervisors, directional engineers and petroleum engineers


This course builds a firm foundation in the principles and practices of directional drilling, calculations, and planning for directional and horizontal wells. Specific problems associated with directional/horizontal drilling such as torque, drag, hole cleaning, logging and drill string component design are included. Participants will become familiar with the tools and techniques used in directional drilling such as survey instruments, bottom hole assemblies, motors, steerable motors and steerable rotary systems and will be able to predict wellbore path based on historical data and determine the requirements to hit the target.


  • Directional well profile
  • Surveying tools
  • Development of directional measurement techniques
  • Drilling deviated section
  • Specific problems in directional drilling
  • Planning & navigation of directional wells
  • Calculations methods
  • Well profiles & applications
  • Horizontal drilling systems
  • Factors influencing horizontal well productivity
  • Problems associated
  • Deflection for re-entries
  • Drilling and drill string consideration
  • Types of horizontal well completion
  • Cementing a horizontal well
  • Sand control in horizontal well