Reservoir Modeling and Simulation


Reservoir geologists and engineers who wish to understand the techniques behind modeling their reservoirs and how to simulate fluid movements in these reservoirs to better understanding both reservoir and fluid behaviour.


The key objectives of this course are to develop the skills needed for reservoir modeling and how to apply both deterministic and stochastic techniques for constructing 3D reservoir models. The integration of geosciences and engineering data into high-resolution static model, the upscaling techniques and the preparation of data for input into a reservoir simulator to run a dynamic model and perform history matching of actual production data and prediction will be discussed in detail.


  • Concepts of reservoir modeling
  • Integration of data in modeling
  • Deterministic and stochastic models
  • Static & dynamic modeling
  • Facies & fracture modeling
  • Porosity & permeability modeling
  • Concept of upscaling
  • Exporting results to reservoir simulators
  • Simulation techniques
  • Data needed for simulation
  • History matching
  • Reservoir forecasts