Vocational Training

Our Vocational education targets to prepare your staff for a specific trade. It directly develops expertise in techniques related to production, drilling, geoscience, facilities and processing technology, skill and scientific technique to span all aspects of the trade. ResModTec has an outstanding experience conducting several Vocational training for several customers in the Middle East, Far East and North Africa Region. In the last five years we conducted vocational training for the following customers:

  • Creating/developing a group of Well Test specialists for GasProm Naft Badra in Iraq
  • Creating/developing Assistant Drillers for Saudi ARAMCO
  • Developing a group of CPF Operators for Ministry of Oil In Iraq
  • Creating/developing a group of Lab Operators for Midland Oil Company
  • Developing Rig Inspectors for Kuwait Oil Company

Hands on Training

Hands-on training is one method educational systems and businesses alike use to help teach your company staff a certain task. It provides real-world experience by allowing the participants to get their hands directly on whatever they are learning. ResModTec has conducted a series of Hands-on training to help customers creating a workforce with sense of empowerment. Recently we have conducted a hands-on training program for:

  • Oil sample Analysis specialists for BP- Iraq
  • Gas Turbine specialists for Midland Company
  • Production Technologists for GasProm Naft Badra
  • Coring and core Analysis Specialists for Rumailah Oil Company

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