Wellsite Geology and Geosteering


Operational staff and explorationists, well site geoscientists and drilling engineers, as well as, team leaders and managers.


This introductory course will discuss the basics of Wellsite geology and the supervision of coring and logging services. Attendees will learn all about monitoring oil and gas shows, interpretation of Lithology logs and completion of geological reports. The geosteering technique as well as the logging while drilling will be discussed.


  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Mud logging units and equipment
  • Drill cuttings recovery and processing
  • Practical cuttings examination and oil/gas show evaluation
  • Drilling engineering and safety monitoring
  • Lithology logs
  • Reporting & supervision
  • Geosteering techniques & concepts
  • Criteria for horizontal drilling
  • Horizontal well designs
  • Well path models & torque/drag models
  • Geosteering & Borehole Stability Issue
  • Extended-Reach Drilling (ERD) Technology
  • MWD/LWD Systems