Soft Skill Training Programs

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Soft skills have been relegated to the back seat over the years as huge importance has been placed on hard skills. Still, the narrative is gradually changing with new changes in the mode of operations and practices adopted by most organizations. There’s a growing need for professionals who possess not only the skills and knowledge required to perform specific activities but also necessary soft skills such as team spirit, problem-solving, and communication abilities.

With increasing changes in operational processes, organizational leaders are beginning to discover huge soft skill gaps in their organizations. Obviously, these gaps are hurting productivity, increasing turnover, and impacting the company’s bottom line.

Many companies in the oil & gas business grossly lack personnel with adequate soft skills. These companies need to provide training for their personnel to fill the gap. But organizing such training can be quite difficult for such companies. Soft skills are mainly intangible, interpersonal skills that are difficult to teach, so it is often overlooked in the training curriculum provided by most oil & gas companies.

Although it may be quite hard to deliver this type of training, it holds many advantages. For a long time, the importance of soft skills in businesses has been underestimated. The companies that invested in soft skill training courses are undoubtedly enjoying the results in terms of increased efficiency and productivity. In these times of uncertainty, acquiring training that helps you develop your soft skills gives you and your company a competitive edge.

As global leaders in professional training and recruitment for companies in the oil & gas industry, we are focused on providing the very best training and solution to your needs. To help address the need for soft skills in oil & gas industry, we have designed a soft skills training course which will encompass all the aspect of basic and advanced interpersonal skills required by professionals in the field.

Whatever aspect of the industry you’re in, whatever subject, Our softs skills training courses are designed to provide you with the needed knowledge. We offer courses covering a full range of soft skills training topics, including interpersonal, communications, self-management, supervisory management, and customer relations.

Soft skills training provides an array of benefits for any organization, not just the oil & gas industry. It will improve day to day operations, increase staff efficiency, and cut down on customer complaints, harassment, and other problems. Soft skills are intangible, but you can't quantify its importance. Resmodtec’s soft skills training course makes a difference!

  • Coaching skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cross Cultural Working
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Effective Time Management
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Influence skills
  • Advanced Negotiation skills
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Identifying and Implementing Business Process Improvements
  • Introduction to Management
  • Management information systems
  • Petroleum Project Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Management Development
  • The Front Line Managers Supervisors
  • Waste Management
  • Applied Performance Management
  • Developing Coaching Expertise
  • How to coach for executive success
  • HR operations
  • Management principles for engineers and other professionals
  • Managing the Training Development Function
  • Manpower Planning,Resourcing and Retention
  • Performance Management Principles
  • Practical Supervision Skills
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • The Frontline Managers and Supervisors Development Program
  • The Role of the HR Function in an Organization
  • The Strategic Role of the HR Function

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