Introduction to Petroleum Industry


This course is designed for almost all the personnel working for an oil company including fresh graduates, junior geoscientists, and petroleum, drilling and production engineers, drillers, foremen, operators and administrative staff.


This introductory course will take the participant through the progression from geological concept through drilling the exploratory well to the production phase. It will assist participants in knowing the principals and tools to be used in exploring, drilling, developing and producing oil and gas for deeply hidden reservoirs.


  • Refreshment on the Petroleum System
  • Field Life Cycle
  • Statistics of Energy Resources
  • Petroleum Geophysics
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Exploration Tools
  • Drilling Techniques
  • Completing a Well
  • Workover Techniques
  • Rock and Fluid Properties
  • Reserve Calculation
  • Driving Mechanisms
  • Simulation Techniques
  • Production Technology & Operations
  • Oil & Gas Processing
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Oil and Gas Fields in the Middle East