Advanced Geostatistics in Reservoir Modeling and Simulation


Senior reservoir geologist & engineers as well as petro physicists who have some background on the rule of geo statistics in reservoir modeling and wish to know more about using the geo-statistical analysis in characterizing, modeling & simulating fluids in the reservoir.


The course objective is to develop the knowledge on how to apply statistical principles for characterizing reservoir properties and construct 3D models for their reservoirs. The course covers the most up to date techniques in reservoir modeling & simulation using the power of geo-statistics including, but not restricted to facies fracture & structure modeling, porosity & permeability modeling and upscaling.


  • Refreshment on reservoir modeling
  • Data needed for geo-statistical modeling
  • Practical uses of geo-statistics
  • Univariate & Bivariate statistical analysis
  • Cross plot, PDF and CDF (construction & interpretation)
  • Variograms & histograms (construction & interpretation)
  • Spatial relationships between reservoir properties
  • Geo-statistical modeling and algorithms
  • Simulation & estimation
  • Porosity and properties modeling
  • Object based modeling
  • Facies modeling
  • Fault modeling
  • Fracture modeling
  • Cloud transform technique
  • Flux-based upscaling
  • Model validation & calibration
  • Exporting results to reservoir simulators
  • Simulation techniques