High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy


Exploration /production geologists and engineers who wish to apply the concept of sequence stratigraphy to characterize, model and manage their reservoirs. Basic course on sequence/ seismic stratigraphy is a prerequisite.


This course provides a hands-on and practical approach to the sequence stratigraphic analysis of well logs, seismic, cores and outcrops. It will be devoted to a workshop type of environment within which participants will learn models of sequence stratigraphy and how it affects the reservoir, characterization modeling and management planning.


  • Identification of stratal terminations
  • Identify flooding surfaces and sequence boundaries in well logs, cores and seismic
  • Construct accommodation models for carbonate/siliciclastic strata
  • Integrate core description and interpretation with well logs and seismic
  • Subdivide stratigraphic successions
  • Integration of reservoir, seal, & source rock concepts into the sequence stratigraphic cross section
  • Sequence stratigraphic controls on reservoir quality and flow units
  • Case studies