Our Technical Consulting Strength

Our consulting projects are executed by integrating all available geological, geophysical, petrophysical, reservoir and production engineering and economics information, including but not limited to; E-logs, mud logs, cores, seismic, well-test, reservoir rock geometry and properties, reservoir fluid analysis, production data, economic data, previous related-studies reports, literature and many others.

The work scope and techniques we used in our projects are based on industry best- practices and state of the art, global and local reservoir geoscience and engineering development tools, as well as the specific needs of our clients. Our team possesses amongst a vast amount of operational and engineering experience of reservoir geoscience, engineering, geomechanics, drilling, rock testing, economics and the subsurface assessment of reservoir response to exploitation and development.

Our team of experts, using state-of-the-art software packages is confident that our consortium is uniquely qualified to provide our customers with models and results which are highly representative for the development of their fields. We look forward to progressing our discussions with you, leading to the implementation of any consulting project related to field development.

We can conduct our projects between our customer’s office or at any of our offices or at any of our alliance’s office. Normally, the data collection phase will be conducted at customer’s office, while the rest of the project will be conducted mainly in our office in Istanbul with some work allocated to our partner’s offices in Abu Dhabi, London, Amsterdam and Canada (wherever possible).

As technology transfer to our customer’s juniors and seniors is one of the vital targets of our projects, we consider this as one of our strengths as we are a reputed and highly professional training firm.

Our training materials and instructors have been accredited by the world’s strongest accreditation body, American National Standard Institute (ANSI), and we are currently training hundreds of engineers and geoscientists at our training centers

Our consulting activities cover and more:

1. Reservoir Characterization Studies

2. Reservoir Modeling Studies (Static & Dynamic)

3. Field Development Studies

4. Exploration Activities

5. Concession Evaluation Studies

6. Petroleum and Production Engineering Studies

7. Economical Evaluation of development plans

8. Facilities Studies

9. LNG Studies and Commercials

10.Environmental Studies

11.Risk Assessment Studies

Alliance in Consulting

Our Alliances in Consulting

ResModTec in collaboration with its partners Badely Geosciences (UK), Golder Associates (Canada), dGB Earth Sciences (The Netherlands), iReservoir LTD, Salos Sunesis Limited and Core Laboratories (Abu Dhabi) formed a consulting consortium to undertake upstream consulting projects.

Based on the tasks outlined in the scope of work in any consulting project, ResModTec works with its resources only or select the suitable member of the consortium to meet the goals of the project.