Well Completion and Workover


Drilling, workover and production engineers as well as reservoir and service facilities engineers. Senior geoscientists are also good candidates.


The course is structured to establish a thorough understanding of basic design consideration of well completion methods and provide participants with in-depth knowledge of equipment selection in completion & workover programs.


  • Basic completion categories & types
  • Completion selection & design criteria
  • Openhole, uncemented liner & perforated completion
  • Multizone and subsea completion
  • Completion productivity
  • Sizing & tubing
  • Matching completion & reservoir performance
  • Risks of formation damage
  • Sand fill
  • Maximizing well productivity
  • Selection & treatment of completion fluids
  • Completion equipment & design practices
  • Downhole completion accessories
  • Workover operation & rig selection
  • Acidizing fundamentals
  • Fishing & snubbing
  • Hydraulic fracturing fundamentals
  • Squeeze cementing