We have trained more than 21,000 engineers, geoscientists, operators and technicians working for 91 companies. Our philosophy in training is to create a competent national petroleum professional workforce worldwide.

Our instructors combine both academic and practical experience. They worked at various universities including Universities of Texas at Austin, Arkansas, Missouri, Windsor, Leeds, Imperial College, Newcastle, United Arab Emirates, Cairo and Algerian Institute of Petroleum. Several instructors have published books in their area of expertise and are previous or current editors for the most refereed journals/bulletins in the world.

In addition to our short, public courses and In-house training courses, ResModTec, offers several intensive workshops, Vocational Training and Hands-on Training that can be customized, both in duration and content, to meet the local demand of your company. These training programs aim to create/develop the technical skills of a specific group in a specific field. They were designed by a group of training consultants and instructors who are world-renowned for their wide experience in both domestic and international petroleum industry.

Petroleum training in Abu Dhabi and Consulting in petroleum industry.
To provide this competitive advantage, we invite you to participate in our petroleum training in Abu Dhabi. We offer comprehensive courses and development that will cover all the core disciplines of the petroleum industry. You can rest assured that you will be receiving the best training from our qualified team of instructors during the training. These individuals embody our core philosophy in training to create a competent national petroleum professional workforce worldwide. Our training course comes with a guarantee of total satisfaction for our participants in human resources development and consulting services. We help our participants keep abreast of new trends, technologies, knowledge, and applications in the petroleum business.

During the training course, participants will be exposed to both practical and academic experience in the petroleum field. It doesn’t matter if you are relatively new to the petroleum industry, or a seasoned veteran wishing to increase your knowledge pool and improve your skills. If you can participate in our petroleum training in Abu Dhabi, we will help you achieve your goals.

We offer several training courses in upstream E&P training, downstream processing training, human resources training, leadership training, human resources development, office administration, health safety, and environment training, and many more!

We provide consulting in the petroleum industry.
In addition to our topnotch training courses, we also provide consultancy services in the petroleum industry. Our petroleum consulting team is dedicated to serving clients across every segment of upstream, petroleum exploration, and supply chain, utilizing our vast research capabilities to provide strategic advice to our clients. We work with a wide range of petroleum companies striving to enhance their competitive positions in the industry and secure greater future certainty.

Our clients are mainly professionals in the petroleum field seeking to rationalize portfolios and increase capital commitments, but whatever your need is, we won’t turn you away.

We help clients deliver profitable projects that will yield maximum returns on investment. We also provide digital strategies for petroleum companies to enable them to achieve step-change transformation in business and operations outcomes. Our consultancy services cover every aspect of Reservoir characterization and modeling studies, field development studies, petroleum and production engineering studies, concession evaluation studies, LNG, environmental, facilities, and risk assessment studies.

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