Sandy Shale Petrophysics


Geoscientists, petrophysicists and Engineers, who are involved in exploring, developing and producing from shaly sand reservoirs.


Shale strongly affects the physical properties of the reservoir rock and induces a significant effect on the reservoir properties and hence on the response of most logging tools. The course is designed in a workshop environment to help participants practice case studies and solve real problems related to shaly sand reservoirs. Participants will learn how to identify and evaluate pay intervals in shaly sands.


  • Sandstones depositional settings
  • Classification, and components
  • Shale minerals
  • Sequence stratigraphic of siliciclastic reservoirs
  • Petrophysical analysis of sandstone reservoirs
  • Reservoir potential of sandstones
  • Integration of core, logs and petrography
  • Case studies (Nubia, Unaizah, Saffaniya and Burgan)