Our Dedicated Team

ResModTec‘s staff reflect the modern trend for globalized implementation of advanced technologies. We have a diverse cultural heritage – Canadian, Egyptian, Algerian, American, British, Indian, Pakistanis, Nigerians, Iraqis, Turkish, Singaporean and Austrian.

Dr. Mohamed Salah Abou Sayed

President and CEO

Ms. Dalal EL Ghazawy

Finance Director

Ms. Hala Mohamed

Administration Manager

Mr. Roshan Mushtaq

Public Relations Officer

Mr. Jishar Vadakkekkara

Recruitment Officer

Ms. Sitti Alie

Office Coordinator

Mr. Ruel

Admin Staff  

Ms. Norhaya Macalonto

Training Officer

Ms. Manal Kamal

Training Officer

Mr. Salah El Haj

Marketing Officer

 Mr. Suleyman Gungormez 

Training Coordinator

Ms. Arzu Ozkaptan

Admin Staff

Ms. Doaa Faisal

Training Coordinator

Ms. Noor Ahmed

Training Coordinator

Berk Uzar

Training Coordinator

Turan Aghayeva

Training Coordinator

Mr. Semih

Finance Officer

Mr. Hesham Molokehya

Technical Consultant

Mr. Dijilali Benzamia

Senior Technical Consultant

Ms. Rabia Savruk

Senior Training Coordinator

Jaysha Macron

Marketing Officer