24th International exhibition and conference

The 24th International exhibition and conference "Oil and gas of Turkmenistan-2019" (OGT 2019), organized by the state concern "Turkmenneft" in partnership with the company "Turkmen Forum", opened today in Ashgabat, in the exhibition center of the TPPT. The President and CEO of Gulf Reservoir Modeling Technology (ResModTec) Mohamed Salah gave an interview to the special correspondent of Turkmenportal an interview.

- Today, you exhibiting your company, and this is your first visit to Turkmenistan, right? Can you tell how did you find Turkmenistan?

- Nearly we participate every year in five different conferences, and we always go to the United States, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. We have found out that after six branches we have on four continents we don’t have any presence in this part of the world. We’re there should for conferences in the area and conference is very helpful to introduce yourself to many companies from the original just from one country, so we found this one – we know Turkmenistan is a promising country. We came here to apply our target and our target is very crystal clear, which is to build national workforces technically competent to take technical decisions comfortably. So, in order to do that I mean here engineers, technicians, and operators in the field of drilling engineering, production reservoir, development to studies; if they know the techniques, they will be able to take right decision, to be able to help the country, the economy of the country by developing oil and gas fields in the right way.

- Mr. Salah, your company came from UAE to Turkmenistan and how does your company evaluate business conditions in Turkmenistan?

- Our main office is located in Abu-Dhabi, and we have five training offices and one office; in Houston, in Texas (the USA); in Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia); in Basra (Iraq); in Tripoli (Libya) and recently in Istanbul (Turkey). So, we want to and our plan is to test the potentiality of opening and a world lead class international center, when I say world lead class I say that because, we are the company, technical training that got approval and accreditation from the American National Standard Institute which is known as ANSI, also our company has three ISOS the Iso for Management, the Iso for EHC and the ISO for the system. So, we are bringing the most up-to-date technology here to Turkmenistan to develop the skills – the technical skills of Turkmenistan’s geologists, geophysicists, drilling reservoirs and production engineers and facilities engineers. So, we started the first step by partnering with one of the companies “Orlan”, they are covering the softy skills and how to improve the interpersonal skills of Turkmenistan’s people; and we will be covering the technical skills of the people.

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